Interview Lubomira Rochet Digital


Diversity is part of the DNA of L’Oréal.
The group formalized its commitment 10 years ago in key functions such as Human Resources, Marketing or Operations.

So what are the Group’s main priorities?
How does L’Oréal manage diversity?
How is diversity a business driver for the group ?

We asked those questions to the top executives of L’Oréal.

Lubomira Rochet, Chief Digital Officer L’Oréal Group, shares her view…


First question we asked: What does Diversity personally mean to you ?

Why is diversity a strategic lever for sustainable growth for L’Oréal ?
How does the digital transformation help support L’Oréal’s Diversity policy ?
What is your key commitment(s) taken as you continue to manage Diversity in Digital at L'Oréal ?