Eastern Europe

Diversity at the heart of creativity

Diversity is creativity. It’s proven that diverse teams generate more creative ideas that lead to better results and this is what motivates the Eastern Europe Zone to accelerate the work on this topic.


The big challenge in the Eastern European Zone is to maintain and increase gender equality in the management committees that are currently composed of 45% women and 55% men. Significant progress has been made over the last few years thanks to different actions.

First of all a focus has been put on the internal HR processes. In order to guarantee equal opportunities for women and men we need to create a strong internal talent pipeline. We need to make sure that women have the means to reach their full potential and occupy top management positions. At the same time we have the challenge to recruit more men. Today only 30% of our recruitments are men and in order to balance our talent pipeline we need to focus on this aspect.


Next to our internal processes, we engage in gender equality audits with external experts on the topic.


11 Eastern European subsidiaries have obtained the Gender Equality European Standard (GEES) certification that analyses the situation on six key criteria on gender equality and helps to draft an action plan for improvement. Additionally L’Oréal Russia has been the first company in Russia to obtain the EDGE (Economic Dividend for Gender Equality) certification.

These external audits help us to measure our progress against external benchmarks and to develop actions plans for further improvements.




The inclusion of people with disabilities is also being addressed in Eastern Europe. By the end of 2016, all the countries in the zone have the target to comply with their legal requirements. Therefore two main levers for action have been identified:

  1. Direct employment of people with disabilities
  2. Creation of an environment where people with disabilities have the same chances as everybody else and where employees feel encouraged to disclose their disabilities.



In the words of Alexandre Popoff, vice-president for Eastern Europe,

« Diversity is a strategic business driver in our countries. I truly believe in the added value of Diversity for our business and I will share this conviction throughout all the countries in the zone”.