Interview Alexandre Popoff EASTERN EUROPE


Diversity is part of the DNA of L’Oréal.
The group formalized its commitment 10 years ago in key functions such as Human Resources, Marketing or Operations.

So what are the Group’s main priorities?
How does L’Oréal manage diversity?
How is diversity a business driver for the group ?

We asked those questions to the top executives of L’Oréal.

Alexandre Popoff, Executive Vice President for the Eastern European Zone, shares his view…



Our first question: “Diversity, what does it personally means to you ?”


"Why is Diversity a strategic lever for sustainable growth for L’Oréal Eastern Europe ?"
"How does L'Oréal diversity policy drive gender equality in the workplace ?"
"Could you give us one best practice in a country of your zone that could be implemented elsewhere ?"
"What key message would you like to share to go further in managing Diversity at L’Oréal ?"